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 Vaporstar Vaporizer
 Vapor in three seconds, satisfaction in an instant!
Winner of Best Product of Year Award 3rd Place
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Vaporstar without glassware.
Will fit any standard sized small pipe.

The Tube Pipe
This product will save you over two thirds off your smoking bill

The Bubble Pipe
The glass pipe that'll stay in your hand all night.


"The best vaporiser out on the market this year"
 Matt Stang, High Times Magazine 2007

hi dave...
remember that guy from tahiti who insist and finaly got his vaporstar from everyone does it?
well, it's me....
i really want to congratulate you for the effectiveness of vaporstar as i ju got it and tried it at once.
you're a genious!!
if you hadn't tried yet, i suggest you try some nakhla flavoured tobacco or pipe flavoured tobacco in your invention because it IS delicious.....

i' m gonna post my review in edit's website and be sure I'll advertise for vaporstar.
again thanks as you're providing the coolest way to enjoy EVERY smoking product!
louis from tahiti

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We take an enormous pride in bringing you a product that we hope will fit into your life so easily you'll wonder how you did without it.
Please take a look at the video and see how fast and easy Vaporstar is to use.
Thank you for taking the time to get his far,
we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Vaporstar Dave

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